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“We have had an ongoing relationship with Production Innovations and its CEO, Robert Woods for a number of years. Not only do they provide excellent and complete service, they go above and beyond to ensure quality audiovisual services at our conferences. Their innovative business model helps ensure financial success for us at our conferences and is a real disruptor for the industry. To all the existing A/V companies out there…look out! Production Innovations has regularly exceeded our expectations and substantially helped our bottom line while maintaining a can-do attitude and meeting attendee-centric mindset. Truly a wonderful team to work with and, as a new firm, on its way to long-term success. I cannot recommend them more highly to anyone focused on quality services for your conferences.”

Dr. Kevin B. Marvel, Executive Officer, American Astronomical Society’


-Why we love working with PI-

“They know the programs all day, every day. They are more than willing to help not just with A/V but wherever they can. They are super flexible, knowledgeable at trouble shooting and very observant. They know if something is way over priced and make suggestions for better equipment and their availability is unmatched. I remember I had a meeting in DC and the AV drove to Philly that night and volunteered to take a TD to save cost! The guys are very professional and courtesy. Truly an extension of DT in every way.”

–Danielle Garrett; Planner

“I enjoy working with them because they know the clients overall and individually and anticipate their needs and expectations when onsite. They also are quick to provide an extra set of hands and eyes to help the onsite TDs/team when needed which always is greatly appreciated.”

-Corbin Pickett; Planner

“PI knows the process for advisory boards in and out (especially when it comes to our Pharma client) – they remember the project managers and meetings and know items/specific things to deliver that no one would be able to assume as an AV tech.”

-Julia Levin; Planner

“Production Innovations has a lot of history with us and with our clients so when issues come up on site they know exactly how to address them and are willing to respond quickly even on off hours when we’d usually have a delay with if we were using hotel AV.” 

–Hannah Wardlow; Planner